Wolf von Kumberg

Wolf von Kumberg

Wolf von Kumberg brings over 30 years of international legal and business experience to the practise of ADR. He served as Legal Director and Assistant General Counsel of Northrop Grumman Corporation and Litton Industries Inc. Wolf is a certified CEDR mediator and a Fellow and former Chair of the Management Board of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. He has mediated numerous commercial disputes and has been involved in many domestic and international arbitrations. He is a member of the mediation panels of CEDR, KLRCA and the AAA/ICDR and of the arbitration panels at AAA/ICDR, KLRCA, LCIA and the DIFC. He is a former Chair of the International Mediation Institute, founding panellist of the Aerospace/Security panel of the AAA and has assisted in the development of Investor-State Mediation Guidelines for the Energy Charter Treaty Secretariat. Wolf is a member of ArbDB Chambers.

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