Vicki Assegued

Vicki Assegued

Vicki Assegued, M.A., has a Master’s degree in Restorative Justice and Conflict Resolution. She has 25 years of experience as a program developer, director, consultant, facilitator and trainer, for secondary and higher education, the juvenile and criminal justice systems, various organizations, groups and non-profits. She has won The Probation Department Community Partner of the Year Award and The United Way Community Hero Award.

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Articles and Video:

Mediating Conflict in the Time of Covid-19 (10/16/20)
This article addresses internal and external skills for mediators to use during this time of Covid-19, to raise awareness of internal biases, and shift those biases in order to skillfully mediate for our clients.

I’m Not Neutral About Neutrality: I’m Partial to Multi-Partiality (06/22/18)
Embarking upon the journey of becoming a mediator led me into learning a new language, one that would be spoken both internally – (in how I would think about the mediation participants and their circumstances) - and externally – (in how I would interact with them).