Tom Stringer

Tom Stringer

Tom Stringer performs mediations for the Los Angeles Superior Court, including the Civil Harrassments division downtown and Small Claims Appeals in Santa Monica. He is on the approved panel of mediators at the California Department of Insurance. He is currently enrolled in the certificate program at the Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, and he has received mediation training at the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office, where he conducts volunteer mediations of workplace, real estate, community, and various business disputes. He is a State-certified commercial real estate appraiser.

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From Tom Stringer (08/30/07)
Many thanks to for providing a virtual sense of community to the disparate world of mediation.

Storytelling in Mediation: The Hero’s Journey (03/15/04)
Conflict stories comprise the heart and soul of mediation. Beneath their surface-level depictions of events, they reveal the underlying assumptions of the disputing parties, their expectations of each other, and the roles they cast for themselves. Understanding the ways in which conflict stories function is crucial for mediators who, wishing to go beyond the mere settlement of superficial conflicts, search for opportunities for real change in the lives of the parties.