Tatyana Bilyk

Tatyana Bilyk

Tatyana Bilyk, mediator, trainer and consultant, Head of the Board of ITC “Mediation School”, co-founder of NGO “League of Mediators of Ukraine” and Ukrainian Association of Family Mediators, contact of International Social Service in Ukraine, psychologist/psychotherapist.

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Website: www.facebook.com/HelpingthepeopleofKIEV

Articles and Video:

Saving Myself by Saving Others (03/31/22)
Today is the 35th day of the war in our country, the 35th day of opposition to Russian aggression and the struggle for our freedom and independence. We are fighting for our Ukraine, we want to live in our own country.

Reach for Humanity in Dark Times (03/18/22)
This is an article about the war in Ukraine by Tatyana Bilyik and Lisa Parkinson with the Ukrainian Association of Family Mediators.