Susanne Terry

Susanne Terry

Susanne Terry has pioneered mediation and conflict education in the state of Vermont. One of the first mediators and conflict educators in the state, she created the Mediation Program of Woodbury College which later moved to Champlain College and became a highly respected graduate degree program.  This program was nationally recognized as the first skills based education program in the country and was long recognized for the high-quality of its educational program. Susanne has had a diversified practice of mediation and facilitation which includes work with families, organizations, environmental issues, education, community, and human rights. 

Susanne’s mediation style is known for its common sense and thoughtful approach. She works with parties to assist them to find agreements that work for their particular family circumstances and that will hold up over time. She has been recognized for excellence in her work both within the state of Vermont, in New England having received the New England Association for Conflict Resolution Pioneer Award, and nationally through her leadership work in the Association for Conflict Resolution.  

Be sure to read Susanne's brand new book: More Justice, More Peace: When Peacemakers Are Advocates.  Susanne is the editor, with nineteen contributing authors!  This book could not have come out at a more important time!

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Articles and Video:

Letter to our Colleagues about the Russian Invasion of Ukraine (03/18/22)
Like many mediators and other conflict professionals we share the desire to weigh in on the invasion of Ukraine and its devastating consequences for the Ukrainian people.

Constructive Conflict and Strategic Disruption: A Statement from Conflict Engagement Practitioners (06/08/20)
Over the last week, a group of conflict engagement practitioners have created a statement of intent regarding racism. The idea started with Susanne Terry who, with Bernie Mayer and input from a number of other interested persons, created, "Constructive Conflict and Strategic Disruption: A Statement from Conflict Engagement Practitioners."