Susan Raines

Susan Raines

Dr. Susan S. Raines is the Associate Director of the School of Conflict Management, Peacebuilding & Development at Kennesaw State University (KSU) in suburban Atlanta. In addition to leading the executive Master of Science in Conflict Management program at KSU, she works with organizations to prevent and proactively manage conflict and collaboration (VW, YKK, USPS, USACE, Coca-Cola, Florida Supreme Court, Medical Association of Georgia, Georgia Courts, Italian Chamber of Commerce, United Nations-IOM, and more). She works to prevent conflict, intervene with dysfunctional teams, and enhance collaboration and mission achievement within organizations. She has mediated more than 16,500 cases inside and outside of the court system, including hundreds of cases of employment and workplace disputes, although her goal is to prevent conflicts rather than mediated litigated disputes. She is the author of Conflict Management for Managers (2013; 2019), the co-author of Expert Mediators (2013) as well as more than 55 peer reviewed publications, and is the Editor-in-Chief of Conflict Resolution Quarterly.

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