Susan Bulfinch

Susan Bulfinch

Susan Bulfinch is a mediator and trainer in private practice in Arizona.   She mediates in the areas of family and divorce, workplace and employment, and commercial matters.  She is a certified mediator for the U.S. Postal Service, the Maricopa County Justice Courts, and serves on the Employment Mediation Panel for the American Arbitration Association.  She is a past president of the Arizona Association for Conflict Resolution and the Maricopa County Association of Family Mediators and a past president of the Southern California Mediation Association.   Susan teaches courses in mediation and negotiation for the Mediation and Dispute Resolution certificate program at UC Santa Barbara.   She will be a workshop presenter at the ACR Conference in Reno in October 2015.


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Reflections on Mediation: Past, Present, and Future (03/30/15)
To reflect on the future, it is helpful to understand where we are and how we got here. This article gives an overview of mediation and suggests some directions for the future. Social media will help increase interest in the field and teaching conflict resolution at an early age may help reduce conflict at school, home and work.

From Susan Bulfinch (10/14/13)
Congratulations on your continued success! The fact that is producing its 500th edition speaks volumes. Thank you for keeping an active mediation community connected.

Marriage Closure Therapy: Tips for Family Mediators (09/19/11)
Marriage Closure Therapy is a therapeutic intervention that assists couples who are struggling with the decision to stay married or to divorce. Tips for mediators working with divorcing couples are provided.