Steven P. Cohen

Steven P. Cohen Steven P. Cohen, President of The Negotiation Skills Company in Pride's Crossing, MA is a graduate of Columbia Law School and Brandeis University. Mr. Cohen received formal training in Negotiation, Advanced Negotiation, and Mediation at Harvard Law School where he was appointed a member of the Alumni Advisory Board of the Harvard Negotiation Project.

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Articles and Video:

What If I’m ‘Toast’ In The Morning? Negotiating Your Way Through Job Insecurity (01/13/03)
Job security isn’t what it used to be. While many companies have gone through several cycles of down-sizing – or ‘right-sizing’ to be more politically correct – there is no way to be certain that just because you have survived thus far, your job will be there in the morning.

How To Fight Fires Without Burning Bridges (02/18/02)
Whether the predicament is commercial lenders who are stressed out by the direction to "never lose a deal because of the rate," department chiefs contending over budget issues,or human resources directors wrestling with issues of diversity - the use of good negotiation skills can resolve, manage, and, most importantly, prevent conflicts.

Negotiating The New Health Care Minefields (10/15/01)
What are we doing if the old issues have not gone away? It is a universe of entitlements - patients consider themselves entitled to excellent care, professionals feel entitled to rewards for their years of preparation, and executives feel entitled to a little respect.

Focusing On Interests Rather Than Positions -- Conflict Resolution Key (09/10/01)
We can take positive steps to prepare for the decision-making process and we can monitor our own behavior - and that of other participants -- as the process goes forward. By following a few common sense rules we can reduce conflict and turn it into cooperation and reach solutions that really work for all the participants.