Stephen Sonnenberg

Stephen Sonnenberg

Stephen P. Sonnenberg, Esq. has deep experience in understanding and resolving complex labor and employment disputes. Mr. Sonnenberg’s unique background, which allows him to understand both plaintiff and defendant concerns, comes from the practice of law, experience as a mediator, and prior experience as a psychotherapist. He is also a member of the JAMS Title IX panel. Mr. Sonnenberg is known for his attention to detail, thoughtful approach to emotion-laden disputes, and demeanor conducive to settlement. He has resolved numerous labor and employment disputes, including ones on both the east coast and in California.

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Articles and Video:

The Surge in Workplace Disputes Under Disability Discrimination Laws: Good News or Bad News? (10/18/21)
I have been wondering—as we are well into our second year of the pandemic—whether the relationships between employees with disabilities and their employers are changing in unanticipated ways.