Sarah Ater

Sarah Ater

Sarah Ater is a Judiciary Accredited Mediator serving in the court annexed mediation program. She has keen interest in promoting work place mediation and exploring how mediation can contribute to sustaining resources in the coastal region. 

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Articles and Video:

How Was It? (07/31/20)
Whenever I make a presentation or moderate a session, I call the convenor or speaker afterwards and simply ask: How was it?

Managing Conflict at Home During COVID-19 (06/08/20)
This links to a free course for practitioners, or to show to their clients as a resource, for resolving home conflict during the quarantine.

What Mediators Must Consider as They Work (05/22/20)
This article highlights the impact of COVID-19 on face to face mediation as social distancing is encouraged. It also discusses other instances when mediators need to stay away from the mediation process such as when they are physically tired or when they face psychological or mental issues.

Five Reasons Why You Must Listen at Mediation (05/03/20)
This article explains the importance of active listening at mediation. It uses five points to illustrate what can be achieved when both the mediator and the parties actively listen to each other.

Did You Just Relinquish Control? (12/27/19)
This article shows how mediation can be used to intervene in early or advanced stages of conflict.

Pacesetting in Mediation (12/06/19)
This article encourages mediators with different levels of experience to work together. It uses the analogy of pacesetters in a marathon to show how mediators can support and challenge each other leading to growth and improvement in the mediation profession

Time-bound Mediation: Good or Bad (07/19/19)
The article questions whether allocating a specific amount of time for mediation sessions or limiting the entire period within which to complete the mediation process is a good or bad thing.

Mediation and Sitting Protocol (06/28/19)
This article explains how the sitting arrangement can help improve the mediation process or cause unease in the parties. It is drawn from the mediator’s experience and illustrates how sitting helps parties gain confidence in the mediator and become more comfortable with each other in their discussions.

Strides in Court Annexed Mediation in Kenya (05/23/19)
This article discusses the progress of Court Annexed Mediation in Kenya since its inception three years ago. It also explains some of the steps taken to address the challenges faced.

Conflict in the Mediator’s Backyard (03/08/19)
The article is drawn from my experience as a mediator living in a community with other residents.