Sara Adler

Sara Adler has been a full-time neutral, principally in labor and employment disputes, since 1978. She has very extensive experience as a mediator or arbitrator in the private and public sectors for nearly all levels of employment. She has served as a neutral mediator or arbitrator in resolving thousands of disputes including breach of contract, wrongful termination, discrimination and collective bargaining agreements. She has served as a facilitator resolving reasonable accommodation disputes in both union and non-union settings. Ms. Adler is a frequent lecturer on ADR topics and regularly provides training on a national level for advocates and neutrals.

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From Sara Adler (08/31/07)
I have read every issue of the newsletter almost from the beginning and always come away with a new insight or something new to think about. Thanks for providing this superb resource.

Resolution Of Reasonable Accomodation Disputes (07/16/01)
One approach which will be useful in meeting the parties' obligation to engage in a meaningful interactive process in some sensitive reasonable accommodation situations is to employ a neutral to facilitate the process. Although similar to the rather more common variety of mediations in employment disputes, facilitation entails some differences of format.

Strategies For A Successful Employment Mediation (11/17/00)
A very high, and growing, percentage of employment litigation is now resolved through mediation. There are three principal approaches to mediation, which have been dubbed facilitative, evaluative and transformative.The strategies suggested in this article work equally well in any of these three models.