Sandeep Bhalothia

Sandeep Bhalothia

Sandeep Bhalothia is a Penultimate Year Law Student at Jindal Global Law School. He is a Young Arbitration Member at ICCA (The Hague, Netherlands), and a Fellow at World Mediation Organization (Berlin, Germany).

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Articles and Video:

Be a Glass Half-full Mediator (03/22/18)
Use of mediation in resolving commercial and family disputes is gaining popularity worldwide and a lot have been written about its benefits. However, in this article, we discuss the necessity of optimism in a mediator - without which hardly any mediation can be successful.

Mediation in Domestic Violence Case: Whether to Use or Not to Use? – An Indian Perspective (09/22/17)
In this article, I aim to identify two opposite interests associated with the settlement of domestic violence cases, and look at the Indian law to see how those two interests are equitably balanced, therefore, providing a recommended way forward, not necessarily a perfect one, to handle cases related to domestic violence.

Negotiation and Mediation: Is that a Law Student's Cup of Tea? (04/28/17)
Ever wondered why mooting or debating is a very essential part of law student’s life? Ever wondered what kind of skills a law student can develop by participating in a moot or a debate?

Let Mediation Help Your Business (11/11/16)
Trust is a crucial factor in development of business; mediation can help in business development by re-sprouting the trust between the affected parties.