Samuel H DeShazer

Samuel H DeShazer

Samuel H. DeShazer is in law practice with the Louisville office of Hall, Render, Killian, Heath & Lyman, PSC. His primary practice area is management, labor relations, and personnel law. DeShazer has presented a number of seminars to attorneys and employer groups relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act. He is on the faculty and planning committees of the ADA Mediation Institute, a program of the Access Center partnership and the University of Louisville Labor -Management Center.

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Articles and Video:

Mediating Employment Disputes Under the Disabilities Act (01/01/00)
This article focuses on the mediation of employment disputes arising under Title I, the employment section of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The authors examine the most common issues that may arise under Title I, consider the possible arguments that may be presented by both employee and employer, and present guidance and possible paths to solution for the mediator.