Sam Slosberg

Sam Slosberg Sam Slosberg has worked in the field of ADR since 2000 and is currently a Conflict Management Specialist with the Transportation Security Administration’s Office of Collaborative Strategies (OCS) based in Arlington, Virginia.  One of his primary areas of responsibility includes TSA’s Conflict Management Coaching Program.

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Conflict Management Coaching at the Transportation Security Administration (10/19/09)
In 2003, the Transportation Security Administration, (TSA), an agency of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, initiated the development of an Integrated Conflict Management System (ICMS), as part of an innovative Model Workplace Program. A Conflict Management Coaching Program (CMCP) emerged early on as one of the many unique service delivery components of this ICMS. This article discusses how this innovative program was designed and addresses how the CMCP has emerged as an integral component of TSA’s ICMS.