Russ Bleemer

Russ Bleemer

Russ Bleemer is the editor of Alternatives with the CPR staff. 

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Articles and Video:

Modeling for the World: Five UN Agencies Pledge to Accept Mediation Requests (04/30/21)
The United Nations this week took a big step in modeling conflict resolution for resolving workplace disputes.

CPRAM21 Keynote: CNN’s Dana Bash on Negotiations, Conflict Resolution, and Truth Telling (02/05/21)
The International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution opened its 2021 Annual Meeting Wednesday afternoon with remarks from CNN’s chief political correspondent, Dana Bash.

Schein II: Argument in Review - Video (12/28/20)
Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation Editor Russ Bleemer hosts analysis by Prof. Angela Downes, University of North Texas-Dallas College of Law, and arbitrator-advocate-amicus brief contributors Richard Faulkner, also of Dallas, and Philip J. Loree Jr. in New York.

Supreme Court Declines To Hear Arbitration Case on ‘Equal Footing’ (05/04/20)
The U.S. Supreme Court this morning declined to hear an appeal in an Oklahoma arbitration case on the so-called equal-footing principle—the idea that the Federal Arbitration Act prevents courts and legislatures from targeting rulings and laws to arbitration agreements.