Ron Kelly

Ron Kelly

Mediating since 1970 and arbitrating since 1986, Ron has initiated and guided enactment of dozens of key sections of California law protecting the integrity of ADR. He's a founder of two of California's main ADR professional organizations. He's been honored with eight major awards for his pioneering work in building the field, including Peacemaker of the Year in California and Honored Instructor at Berkeley. As an arbitrator and mediator, Ron's helped thousands of lawyers, business professionals and government agencies settle their disputes quickly and fairly. Ron has trained thousands of lawyers, judges, government officials, and business professionals on four continents, and his training materials are licensed and used around the world in numerous languages. Judges in most Bay Area superior courts have chosen to enroll in his trainings. He regularly trains mediators and arbitrators through the Bar Association of San Francisco, other Bay Area bar associations, and through UC Berkeley's CLE program.

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Articles and Video:

Mediation: Movement, Business, or Racket? (09/28/20)
"Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.” Will mediation fall into this trap?

New California Law Requires Informed Consent to Mediation (01/29/19)
On January 1, a new California law will take effect; it will require a lawyer to make sure their client understands the implications of California's legal protections for mediation communication.

California Mediation Confidentiality Will End, Unless… (07/14/17)
Mediation confidentiality in California will end on January 1, 2019...unless YOU take action now.

California Confidentiality Will End Unless You Take Action Now! (09/18/15)
On August 7, 2015 the California Law Revision Commission voted 4-1 to draft a recommendation removing our current protections. Nearly all its recommendations become law. The legislation will remove current protections whenever a mediation party alleges misconduct by their lawyer advocate or lawyer mediator.

Threat to Mediation Confidentiality in California - Your Help Needed! (03/14/12)
Our courts are already suffering a crushing scarcity of resources. For decades, mediation has helped lighten that burden. Mediation produces voluntary resolutions, in line with our democratic ideals of self-determination. Hundreds of thousands of mediations take place in California every year. Now AB 2025 threatens all this by cutting a hole in the legal protections for mediation communications.

Challenging Conventions In Challenging Conditions: Thirty-Minute Mediations At Burning Man (12/14/09)
For the past eight years, Ron Kelly has offered mediation services at the annual Burning Man festival. The process he designed appears to bring significant help to disputing couples in half an hour, and useful conflict coaching to individuals in fifteen minutes. It is tightly formatted—and uses a kitchen timer. This interview covers the origins of his process and explores how the creativity and generosity of the festival are available to all mediators.

From Ron Kelly (09/05/07) has performed an astounding service to the mediation community for many years now. I always suggest that participants in my mediation trainings visit the site and search through the thousands of excellent articles offered free. I also suggest they consider the nearly instant professional web presence available there, if they're intending to hang out their shingle. Thank you to Jim, both Johns, Carol, Byron, and everyone else who has made this site what it is for so many years.

Coming Soon To Your State? The Uniform Mediation Act (02/11/02)
The Uniform Mediation Act is now being introduced in state legislatures. In every state there are Uniform Law Commissioners, whose role is to work to replace their state's existing laws with the UMA. This article provides background information on the UMA and summarizes significant differences beween the UMA and the law on confidentiality in California.

Can You Prevent Claims And Lawsuits On Your Construction Project? (03/13/00)
Why do so many custom construction projects end up in fights? The following trio of articles is aimed at the three main players in custom construction. Owners, contractors and architects each have different and valid perspectives.

Uniform Mediation Act ALERT (12/01/99)
Will This Be Your New Required Mediator's Opening Statement?

California's Mediation Code (04/05/99)
The full text of California's mediation code is provided together with the official legislative intent.