Roger C. Benson

Roger C. Benson

Roger C. Benson began mediating in 1989 and has been doing so fulltime since 1998. He has been a lawyer since 1973. He has mediated a great many cases involving a broad range of issues. He is a primary trainer in Florida’s 40 hour Supreme Court mediator certification program. He is on a number of national and international panels of mediators, including WIPO and FINRA. He has been mediating cases in Florida’s residential mortgage foreclosure mediation program for the past 5 years and participated in the University of South Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium’s initial mortgage mediation training.


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Looking Behind the Curtain (03/12/12)
Mediation training has developed ad hoc over the last few decades. As the field begins to get a foothold in the legal industry, however, it is important to be intentional about what should be necessary in training a mediator. The author suggests some topics that should remain, points out some topics that are often inadvertently left-out of many trainings, and invites suggestions for additional topics.

The Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Disaster, Florida Style (11/14/11)
A Florida Supreme Court appointed committee recommended that the state-wide mandatory foreclosure mediation program be abandoned and replaced, if at all, on a circuit by circuit basis. I do not believe the problem is with mediation; instead, the mediation process is being used to accomplish objectives that are fundamentally at odds with the very idea of mediation.