Richard G. Spier

Richard G. Spier

Richard G. Spier is a full-time mediator in Portland, Oregon. He is a former chair of the Oregon State Bar Section on Alternative Dispute Resolution.

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From Richard Spier (10/14/13) is the best resource for neutrals wanting web and email services. The company understands the special needs of our industry. Jim's staff is professional and promptly responsive to questions and requests.

Is Mediation Overused? (11/10/12)
I recognize that there has been big growth in my industry of private mediators and that courts increasingly have mandatory settlement conferences for cases past a certain time after filing, but I still have the perception that lawyers did not take most civil actions before a mediator or settlement judge. I believe that there is value in the jury trial system and that more cases should be taken through a complete trial.

From Richard Spier (10/12/11)
I will leave it to others to provide well-deserved observations on the leadership of in developing the mediation profession thought the world. I wish to comment on the superb wed-hosting and email service that provides. Compared to other internet providers, has given me outstanding customer service on design and implementation of the website for my mediation practice, and responsive administration of my email service. When I have questions, I get immediate and authoritative answers and solutions. And, a special benefit is that this is an IT provider that is specifically dedicated to the mediation industry.

A Mediator's Fantasy: The Perfect Mediation (12/15/09)
Unable to sleep one night after a particularly arduous, frustrating, and contentious mediation (though the case settled), I found myself fantasizing about The Perfect Mediation.

The Ten Biggest Mistakes Lawyers Make in Mediation (07/26/99)
Effective representation of clients in mediation requires the same level of preparation, diligence and assertiveness as is required in presenting a jury trial. The outcome of a mediation session depends, to a large degree, on the performance of counsel.