Rebecca Warder

Rebecca Warder

Rebecca Warder is an international arbitration specialist advising clients and colleagues on complex points of international arbitration law and practice. With a background as an international arbitration practitioner, she advises on both bespoke arbitration clause drafting and the conduct of arbitral proceedings. Rebecca is also involved with driving the firm’s thought leadership on important developments in international arbitration.  Rebecca develops and delivers both internal and external training on a range of arbitration topics. She edits the firm's 'Inside Arbitration' publication and the firm’s arbitration and public international law blogs, as well as regularly writing on arbitration for a range of external publications.

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Articles and Video:

Draft ICC Rules 2021: Drawing a Line under Some Issues of Debate in Arbitration? (11/16/20)
In this article, the authors focus on three more substantive changes to the 'Draft' ICC Rules 2021, which seek to address long-running questions in arbitral practice and discuss why the ICC’s approach is likely to be of interest and importance to practitioners and users alike.

English High Court Determines Issue of Law in Arbitral Proceedings at Request of Parties (11/11/20)
In the recent decision in The Eternal Bliss, the English High Court determined a point of law regarding liquidated damages in the context of a standard form shipping contract, through a rare invocation of Section 45 of the English Arbitration Act, 1996.

The New ICC Rules 2021: What You Need to Know (10/19/20)
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has released its 2021 Arbitration Rules in draft (the 2021 Rules). This is a “soft launch” with the current text still subject to editorial changes prior to their formal release in December. The 2021 Rules will come into force on 1 January 2021.