Rachel Gupta

Rachel Gupta

Ms. Rachel Gupta has her own ADR practice, Gupta Dispute Resolutions LLC, where she serves as a mediator, arbitrator, and outside general counsel to small businesses. She is currently a mediator for various court ADR panels in New York and is an arbitrator and panelist of the American Arbitration Association, FINRA and CPR. Prior to becoming an ADR professional, Ms. Gupta was an experienced litigator in New York City, specializing in complex commercial and financial litigation. She spent almost a decade as in-house counsel working for a public corporation and a start-up investment management firm after previously working as a litigation associate in two New York law firms. Her years of experience as both outside counsel and then in-house counsel, advocating for both plaintiffs and defendants, gives her a unique perspective of the law, as well as the corporate goals and processes that often motivate and sometimes prolong litigation. She now brings this vast legal experience to help companies and individuals find alternative solutions to litigation through mediation, arbitration and negotiation.

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