Prathamesh D Popat

Prathamesh D Popat

Started his practice as a Counsel at the Bombay High Court in the Chambers of Senior Counsel Aspi Chinoy after being admitted to the Bar in 1991. While initially appearing only in Courts and Tribunals, his practice is getting more focused on ADR mechanisms. He is an empanelled Arbitrator at the Indian Merchants' Chamber and an empanelled Mediator at the Bombay High Court. He has been appointed as Arbitrator in Ad Hoc as also in Institutional Arbitrations. He is Accredited / Certified as a Mediator by LEADR and IMI and conducts private as well as Court-Annexed Mediations. He also acts as an Advisor to parties opting for Mediation.

Having done only private mediations initially, on being empanelled as a Mediator by the Bombay High Court, has been appointed as Mediator directly as also in Court-Annexed Mediation cases. Has undergone considerable training in India, Australia, Europe and the US and continues taking advanced trainings from time to time in various countries. In addition to being engaged in private and court-annexed mediations as Mediator or Advisor, he conducts Basic & Advanced Mediation training workshops at Courts, Universities, Colleges, Chambers of Commerce and other institutions.

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Every society, every community, every culture has some or the other form/s of resolving the disputes faced by their constituents. Often, the longer and more prosperous the lineage, the more refined and varied the mechanisms.

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In the field of Resolutionary Processes, keeps taking long strides and in its path, keeps expanding the field and its reach!