Peter Huang

Peter Huang

Peter O. Huang is a California attorney and mediator. He is a 1999 graduate of U.C. Berkeley’s law school and has been practicing law for over a decade. Peter has extensive litigation experience in a variety of areas. He is a mediator who focuses on commercial litigation, intellectual property disputes, employment cases, and matters involving Chinese parties.

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Articles and Video:

California Supreme Court Sets Up Showdown at U.S. Supreme Court over Arbitration Agreements (07/06/17)
This article analyzes an important recent California case related to arbitration agreements and waivers.

Some Timeless Business Wisdom from Peter Drucker and How It Can Help Your Dispute Resolution Efforts (11/28/16)
Dealing with disputes effectively is indisputably a core skill for any manager.

Provost v. Regents: How The California Courts Are Applying Mediation Confidentiality After The Cassel Decision (07/23/12)
The Provost court appeared to follow the California Supreme Court’s lead in the Cassel decision. The Provost court aggressively enforced mediation confidentiality protection and looked askance at a party which apparently had some “buyer’s remorse” about signing a settlement agreement.

From Peter Huang (10/11/11) is a unique forum for mediators to share their knowledge and learn from each other. It is one of my favorite sites on the Internet. We are all very fortunate that it exists.

Porter v. Wyner and Mediation Confidentiality: A Loose End in the Aftermath of California’s Cassel Decision (06/13/11)
The case of Cassel v. Superior Court strengthened mediation confidentiality in California. But did it completely settle that legal issue? The case of Porter v. Wyner is a potential loose end in the wake of Cassel. Porter has taken a long, winding procedural road that hasn’t ended (and may have just started).