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Paula Lawhon Paula Lawhon is a full-time Family Law Mediator. She has been a practicing attorney for 15 years and mediator for 10 years. Our Family Law Mediation Team has offices in San Francisco and San Rafael as well as meeting space in Oakland. We mediate divorce, custody and other family matters, including the mediation of prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements and marital settlement agreements.

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Support for Men in Divorce (10/12/12)
A while back, I posted a link to a support group which focuses on helping women through the difficult transition of divorce or separation (although they also work with men). This is my belated follow up link for a support group which focuses on helping men through this same difficult transition (although he also works with women).

Mediation Is Not Like A Court Hearing; Creating Peace (08/27/12)
There seems to be quite a bit of misinformation about mediation out there despite the prevalance of mediation in many legal and non-legal arenas. One of the ones that always surprises me is when people think of mediation as being similar to a court hearing when the fact is that it is purposefully not at all like a court hearing.