Paula Trout

Paula Trout

Paula J. Trout is President and CEO of Alternative Dispute Resolution Forums. She provides alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services in mediation, negotiation, facilitation, conciliation, settlement conferences, fact finding, early neutral evaluation, investigation and arbitration services - primarily in the areas of Workplace/EEO & ADA, Workers' Compensation, Civil, Securities, Commercial, Construction, Contract and Business-related disputes. Clients include: Public and Private sector organizations; RPB Associates; Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Raytheon Corporation; Department of Energy; Environmental Protection Agency; Department of Homeland Security (e.g., TSA, FAM & ICE); the Unites States Postal Service (USPS). In addition to providing mediation services to the USPS, Ms. Trout was also a REDRESS trainer for the USPS' managers and employees.

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From Paula Trout (10/14/13)
I applaud Jim Melamed in his outreach, professionalism, leadership and excellent customer service through is a great promoter of mediation and a major contributor to the field of ADR. Additionally, is a powerful and valuable resource and business tool which effectively links individuals and businesses to ADR services.