Paul Rajkowski

Paul Rajkowski

Paul Rajkowski was born and raised in Chicago, IL. He was educated in Catholic schools — grade, high school, and university. Between years one and two at university, Paul entered military service (USAF) and then returned to university, earning honors. Paul’s entry into the world of commerce began in graphic arts and he eventually owned a printing company. After several years a friend and customer suggested an opportunity in Tennessee where he entered the furniture industry. He came to mediation as the result of a divorce. He became a board member of the Community Mediation Center, a voluntary mediation group. Since then changing the paradigm of the process has been Paul’s goal, hoping to create real value based on complete self-determination by the parties.

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Articles and Video:

Responsibility in Mediation: Who has it? - Part 2 (06/14/18)
I love mediation because parties get to probe, understand, make choices, create options and arrive at mutual decisions, saying how they feel about this conflict.

Responsibility in Mediation: Who has it? (06/07/18)
Mediation is a wonderful process and I love mediation but I do not want to see it get more complicated with “what mediators need to do” kinds of stuff.

Accommodator? No, How About "Invisible"? (01/19/18)
People are often looking for a chance to debate, yet mediators push them into separate sessions.

Is It Time? (06/30/17)
Is it time for us to change the designation: Mediator to Accommodator?

Shameful Performance (09/23/16)
Mediation, which is intended to be a neutral performance by a mediator, is slowly sliding into a performance by a mediator that is anything but neutral. Current mediation processes defined by lawyers are more courtroom than collaborative.