Paul Rajkowski

Paul Rajkowski

Paul Rajkowski was born and raised in the Chicago area. After serving in the USAF, he graduated from St. Mary’s University of MN in 1967. Paul went to work in the printing industry as a sales representative in the printing ink division of a national company, eventually earning a sales manager position. Several years later, Paul bought his own printing company. In 1986, Paul had an opportunity to change industries and moved south to Tennessee to manage the production and sales of framed mirrors to the furniture industry.

During a personal court process, Paul learned about mediation. Intrigued, he took several courses in mediation, becoming a Rule 31 Tennessee listed mediator and mediation trainer. After ten years of training and mediating, also judging mediation competitions at university, Paul retired so that he and his wife can travel. Mediations still on his mind, though, and he is on a mission to keep alive the original concept of mediation as he understands it. In that quest, he has written several articles and intends to keep writing.

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Articles and Video:

Revisited - One Size Fits All (04/06/22)
Not too long ago in this mediation culture - one size does not fit all was their defense for not looking into traditional mediation and still is.

Who’s On First, and Who Owns the Need? (02/16/22)
The old Abbott and Costello routine about the names of the players on a baseball team, a hilarious conversation between the two, reminded me of the way mediation parties are described.

SHOVEL 8 - Traditional Mediation and the Mirror…. (01/17/22)
A look back: have these articles been just a series of mind jostling thoughts about a tradition in the mediation world, a stirring up of the current culture, or was it something else?

Do We Understand Traditional Mediation? (12/31/21)
It looks like we’re coming to the end of this dig. I can see a part of the canister holding the remains of traditional mediation.

Shovel 6 - The Real Role Play (11/18/21)
There is an old proverb, “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trial.” Who knows who authored it, what is important is this quote applies to the traditional mediation effort.

SHOVEL 5 - Whose Fear is it Anyway (09/22/21)
Somewhere along the mediation trail, process change appeared. This change became a big drift from traditional mediation and led to the shuttle system.

Shovel 4 - Diminished - Tradition reduced (07/08/21)
As the fence grows larger, traditional mediation is further diminished by all the versions in the current culture.

Shovel 3: The Big One (04/09/21)
In getting ready to continue digging up the return of Traditional Mediation, I read Rachel Gupta’s article on this site and I am grateful to her for writing it.

Shovel 2 - Saving Traditional Mediation (02/12/21)
Traditional mediation is about needs and the process that meets those needs- dialogue and self-determination.

One Shovel at a Time (10/16/20)
This article discusses "Raising Traditional Mediation - Becoming an Invisible Mediator."

Did Traditional Mediation Die? (06/26/20)
After writing the obituary, many comments came forward saying mediation was not dead. It was different. This is a response to those comments.

The Death of Traditional Mediation - An Obituary (05/18/20)
Traditional mediation was not a "one size fits all."

One Size Does Not Fit All - And the War Within (02/15/19)
In the mediation world we get trained and know that “neutral“ is the role for the mediator.

Responsibility in Mediation: Who has it? - Part 2 (06/14/18)
I love mediation because parties get to probe, understand, make choices, create options and arrive at mutual decisions, saying how they feel about this conflict.

Responsibility in Mediation: Who has it? (06/07/18)
Mediation is a wonderful process and I love mediation but I do not want to see it get more complicated with “what mediators need to do” kinds of stuff.

Accommodator? No, How About "Invisible"? (01/19/18)
People are often looking for a chance to debate, yet mediators push them into separate sessions.

Is It Time? (06/30/17)
Is it time for us to change the designation: Mediator to Accommodator?

Shameful Performance (09/23/16)
Mediation, which is intended to be a neutral performance by a mediator, is slowly sliding into a performance by a mediator that is anything but neutral. Current mediation processes defined by lawyers are more courtroom than collaborative.