Patrick Mahoney

Patrick Mahoney


Hon. Patrick J. Mahoney (Ret.) brings to his full-time ADR practice over 43 years of legal experience as a civil litigator and judge. Judge Mahoney’s unique career has covered a wide-range of matters including business/commercial, securities, antitrust, trade secrets, environmental, employment, family law, civil rights, insurance, real property, attorneys fees, and professional liability. 

Judge Mahoney is noted for his ability to listen, probe, and express opinions where appropriate. The skills he developed as a civil litigator tempered with his broad judicial experience have shaped his ability to work with parties and counsel in a myriad of settings including business, government, non-profit, and family.

ADR Experience and Qualifications

  • Conducted numerous settlement conferences involving asbestos claims; torts; employment discrimination, wage and hour, and workplace conditions claims 
  • Conducted Unified Family Court negotiations related to custody, visitation, property, and financial issues; dependency settlement conferences; and mediating disputes between and among public agencies related to providing services to youth
  • As a litigator, mediated numerous cases involving class action securities, trade secrets, environmental, and employment claims
  • As Chief Trial Deputy, responsible for overseeing approximately 1,200 ongoing cases and negotiated to resolution major personal injury, police misconduct, employment, and False Claims Act claims
  • Served as one of the original panelists on the San Francisco Bar Association Early Settlement Program hearing over 100 cases until appointment to the bench in 2000
  • Served as Early Neutral Evaluator for the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California in 1997, regularly evaluating civil rights cases


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