Patrick Coughlan

Patrick Coughlan

Patrick Coughlan is the “go to” mediator for complex multi-party construction and insurance matters.  He also has extensive experience mediating intellectual property, mass tort, and catastrophic cases.  He has mediated over 20 billion dollars worth of cases to date and travels throughout the world to settle the most challenging matters.  He often hears: “I thought this case could never be settled” from participants after a settlement is obtained.

Patrick is particularly skilled at dealing with difficult people and situations.  He is able to build trust with all mediation participants in an effective and timely manner.  He is even-handed in his approach to participants and never plays favorites.  He comes to a mediation thoroughly prepared, and participants appreciate his understanding of the facts, the law, and each party’s perspective.

Through hard work, determination, and patience, he settles over 90% of his mediations.  Settling significant disputes is a process, and Patrick helps parties develop a methodology and procedure that helps assure success.

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Managing Multi-Party Construction Disputes (04/18/22)
Co-mediation works well in large-scale construction disputes because it exchanges information among participants more efficiently and expands capacity to solve problems.