Orit Asnin

Orit Asnin

Orit Asnin is an independent full time Mediator, expert in business and inter-personal conflict management, Lecturer and Trainer.

She specializes in complex, multi-party conflicts that are often emotionally loaded, some with cross-cultural parties. Since 1999 she has served as a full- time mediator, with high track record in more than 4,500 mediation processes some of international disputes. She has built a prestigious mediation practice in Israel, both in Tel Aviv and in Haifa.

Ms. Asnin is a distinguished member in the IAM, the International Academy of Mediators.

As a lecturer, panel participant and workshops instructor Ms. Asnin has shared her experience and expertise as a mediator in international conferences and forums, in front of diverse audiences including lawyers, mediators, judges, senior executives, businessmen and students.

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