Nigel Dunlop

Nigel Dunlop

Nigel Dunlop from Nelson, New Zealand, practised family and criminal law for 30 years, and has been mediating for 27 years.  Currently, apart from mediating, Nigel sits on a number of complaint and appeal bodies in the areas of mental health, censorship, real estate and retirement villages. He also investigates workplace disputes. He has written many articles about mediation and negotiation

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Articles and Video:

Mediation Power Imbalances: Weighing the Arguments (10/12/18)
It is commonly said that power imbalances in mediation render it unfair.

Confronting the Proverbial Brick Wall (11/16/12)
This article discusses a recent mediation in which the mediator had a misunderstanding with his clients. This example shows how mediators need to continually bring themselves back to neutrality and assume the best of their clients whilst keeping ground rules in place for the worst.