Nelson Timken

Nelson Timken

From 1994, when he left the private sector, Nelson Timken worked for the New York State Unified Court System, serving as Court Attorney to Civil Court Judges assigned to the New York City Civil and Supreme Courts. For 3 years, Nelson has trained and functioned as a mediator and arbitrator on the panel of the mediation program of the U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, and on the CPR Institute Alternative Pathways to Employment program panel, He arbitrates legal fee disputes between clients and attorneys in New York County and is also am a mediator with Community Mediation Services, a Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC) in Queens County. He is proud to serve as Vice-Chair of the New York County Lawyers Association ADR Committee.

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Articles and Video:

Of Pandemic and Perseverance: NYCLA’s ADR Committee Makes Lemonade Out of Lemons in 2020 (02/19/21)
Among many challenging occurrences, the deadly coronavirus pandemic, protest-related violence resulting from deplorable civil rights violations, natural disasters, and all-too-regular political shockwaves— ultimately culminating in unprecedented siege and sorrow at the Capitol—definitively made 2020 humanity’s “year of the lemon.”