Mauricio Hernández

Mauricio Hernández

Mauricio Hernández Sarti, is a mediator and attorney based in Mexico City. Manager of one of the first programs to mediate conflicts between groups of students and teachers of graduate program in Mexico at Universidad del Valle de Mexico, by a technique he calls “The mediation Fish Bowl”, that provides a process in witch a group of persons identified as one side (students), can communicate and share ideas with one person identified as the other side, teacher, in order to resolve classroom conflicts and produce agreements. His organization advices companies and instructs their personal in workplace conflict resolution. Mauricio also has been mediating family and commercial conflicts for 8 years as a private mediator.

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From Mauricio Hernandez (10/11/11)
Dear mediators of One of me most incredible experiences of my professional life as a mediator was being published in last august. I´m based in México, City, where mediation is just starting to get recognition of the general public and fellow lawyers. So, sometimes it has been a little bit hard for me to share my ideas. Once published in, I got several mails of fellow mediators who had read my contribution! That was a wonderful feeling to experience that mediators all over the world are able to share knowledge through Thank you dear fellows of Mauricio Hernandez Sarti Mediator (México, City)

Walk for a Moment in His Shoes (07/11/11)
The extraordinary human capacity to feel and understand what others are feeling, to be empathetic, has been one of the most intriguing aspects of being human. Now empathy has a scientific base and its possible thanks to a group of brain neurons called "mirror neurons".