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Matt Kramer Matt Kramer mediates divorce and custody issues, parent/child conflicts and other kinds of relationship challenges, including marital, pre-marital and estate disputes. A resident of the Bay area since 1998, he now works and resides in Cotati, about an hour north of San Francisco. The author of "Conversations Before a Marriage," Kramer is also available for speaking engagements, workshops and seminars.

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From Matt Kramer (10/11/11) is a wonderful resource of relevant and applicable information and insights. One of my missions as a mediator is to help educate the public about the many useful ways the tools and skills that fuel the mediation process can also be helpful in daily life. I often send my clients articles from as a followup to their sessions to reinforce or expand what they learned in mediation.

From Matt Kramer (09/05/07)
I want to thank you, John Helie, Keith Seat and John Ford for your years of commitment to one of humanity's most important enterprises. In these times of massive and confusing media overload, more and more people express a desire for a peaceful and respectful life for all yet, for many, those goals are compromised by those whose agendas are served by violence and violation of personal boundaries. I envision a day when all children learn mediation as part of their standard curriculum. Shortly after that, on the human scale, I envision a day when everyone in any position of power and control, all the way to the top levels of leadership in the world, understands and uses mediation as the preferred method to resolve differences. When that day happens, in large part, it will be due to the collaborative work and genius of I look forward to reading your next 200 issues.

Mediative Solutions For Parents And Children At Impasse (12/20/99)
Pouting and crying, tantrums and yelling, stealing and running away. It seems as if there are an infinite number of ways in which children can express their displeasure to us. Exactly what displeases them or what we as single parents can do about it is seldom clear amidst the decision making, catching up and scheduling that we struggle through in our day to day lives.