Marilyn McKnight

Marilyn McKnight

Marilyn McKnight has practiced exclusively in the field of mediation since founding Erickson Mediation Institute in 1977. A former member of the Board and former President of the Academy of Family Mediators (AFM), Marilyn served on the Test Design Project for the study of mediator certification. In 1996, she and Stephen Erickson were awarded AFM’s Distinguished Mediator Award for their outstanding contributions to the field of mediation.  Marilyn served as the president of the Minnesota Chapter of ACR when it merged with the state mediation association, and continues to serve on the board of the merged organization, Conflict Resolution Minnesota.  She has co-authored five highly successful books on mediation and is an adjunct professor at the William Mitchell College of Law.

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Articles and Video:

Married Mediators: Marilyn McKnight and Steve Erickson (02/07/22)
An interview with Marilyn McKnight and Stephen Erickson about the origins of family mediation, their different conflict styles, and the future of conflict resolution. Recorded and shared as part of the Mediation 2020 Conference.

Beginnings of Divorce Mediation (09/01/19)
Marilyn McKnight discusses the history and beginning of the divorce mediation field.

Interview with Marilyn McKnight - Views from the Eye of the Storm (03/29/17)
Interview with Marilyn McKnight, former President of the AFM and ACR, filmed as part of our Views from the Eye of the Storm Series.

Professional Divorce Mediation and The Future (05/08/15)
Today it really is a “Back to the Future” for me. Divorce Mediation will become the primary way to divorce. Divorcing families will become healthy and resilient, no longer harmed by adversarial divorce.

Marilyn McKnight: Belief that Mediation Needs to be Separate from Courts - Video (07/17/10)
Marilyn McKnight discusses how court-connected mediators' first duty is to the court, not the client.

Marilyn McKnight: Concern About Splintering of Mediation - Eclectic Mediation - Video (03/29/10)
Marilyn McKnight shares her concern with the ongoing argument over the different mediation approaches. She emphasizes the eclectic quality of mediation.

McKnight, Marilyn: Pushing the Envelope as Mediator - Video (08/29/09)
Marilyn McKnight shares how mediators need to be pro-active about certain issues, such as pushing legislation and proving that domestic violence cases can be mediated.

McKnight, Marilyn: Support for Mediator Certification - Video (08/09/09)
Marilyn McKnight discusses the mediator certification process and why she supports it as a positive thing for the mediation field.

Marilyn McKnight: Early Involvement in Social Work - Video (06/25/09)
Marilyn McKnight discusses how her early involvement in social work gave her an understanding of family law and divorce.

McKnight, Marilyn: Mediators and Certification - Video (05/09/09)
Marilyn McKnight discusses how mediators have approached the topic of certification.

McKnight, Marilyn: Social Work Background as Mediator - Video (05/09/09)
Marilyn McKnight discusses her background in social work and how it has affected her work as a mediator.

McKnight, Marilyn: Started with Co-Mediation Model - Video (05/06/09)
Marilyn McKnight discusses her entree into the mediation field, beginning with working as a co-mediator.


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