Marcy Einhorn

Marcy Einhorn

Marcy Einhorn is the owner of Dispute Resolution Services.

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Articles and Video:

Online Dispute Resolution: the “New Normal” (05/18/18)
It may come as a surprise that online dispute resolution has been around for more than twenty years.

An Overview of the New York Rules of Professional Conduct in the Context of Mediation (11/17/17)
In the spirit of Honest Abe, New York again celebrated Mediation Settlement Day on October 18 this year with a host of activities designed to promote mediation as a means of resolving disputes without going to court.

5 Reasons to Choose Mediation to Solve A Dispute (07/21/17)
If you've ever been involved in a legal dispute you know that the path to a resolution can be long and costly and that the outcome is never a sure bet. There's got to be a better way.

Why Should I Mediate? (06/23/17)
If you've reached an impasse in a dispute with someone, why bother bringing in yet another person to complicate things?