Louis Chang

Louis Chang

Louis Chang received his Bachelors of Arts (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Hawaii, and J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, Boalt Hall and is recognized by his peers as one of Hawaii’s best lawyers in the field of alternative dispute resolution.

Mr. Chang has more than 30 years of experience as a mediator, arbitrator and/or lawyer. His now practices nearly exclusively as a neutral mediator, arbitrator, fact-finder, receiver, trustee and in similar neutral roles. His experience and practice focuses primarily on commercial, construction industry, contract, real property and financial services matters; including construction defects, design professional liability; franchise; broker’s, medical and other professional liability; hotel and travel industry; insurance and personal injury matters. He is also an arbitrator, mediator or fact-finder of labor and employment disputes.

Mr. Chang is a member of the Hawaii Bar Association and its Subcommittees on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Labor & Employment; American Arbitration Association; Association for Conflict Resolution – Hawaii and the Industrial Relations Research Assoc.-Hawaii.

He also serves as an Arbitrator, Mediator &/or Facilitator on the panels of the American Arbitration Association, Dispute Prevention and Resolution, Inc., Federal Mediation and Conciliation Services, Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution, Hawaii Labor Relations Board, Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, and other national and international organizations.

He teaches or has taught courses as an adjunct professor or lecturer in Conflict Management for Managers and Design Professionals (School of Architecture), Advanced Facilitation and Mediation (Peace and Conflict Education) and Mediaiton Advocacy (W.H. Richardson School of Law) at the University of Hawaii, Manoa. He has lectured extensively and conducted trainings in arbitration, mediation and partnering for numerous business groups and local and international ADR firms.

Mr. Chang has participated as a partnering facilitator for construction projects and business alliances on such projects as the Hawaii State Capitol Renovation Project, Pearl Harbor Public Works Center and IFPTE, a labor management partnership, and Federal, State and counties Public Transportation Agencies.

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