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Linda Singer Linda R. Singer, Esq. has been a leader in the field of ADR for more than 30 years, as a mediator, arbitrator, lawyer, teacher, and author. Linda Singer joined JAMS as part of the merger with ADR Associates in 2004. She has mediated, arbitrated, and facilitated disputes in a variety of business, legal, technical, insurance, interpersonal, and public policy contexts. She also has served as a federal district court special master. Known for her expertise in resolving tough cases, clients extol Ms. Singer’s intelligence, tenacity, and ability to work through complex issues and with difficult parties.

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Articles and Video:

Update on Remote Mediations and the Virtual Evolution of ADR (10/30/20)
During past eight months, due to the coronavirus pandemic, mediators, lawyers and clients have experienced something once inconceivable: Almost all mediations have been conducted remotely.

Skills of Successful Mediators (04/15/20)
Linda Singer talks about how senior mediators achieve success: listening skills, gaining trust, discovering peoples' interests, spending the time with people, building relationships.

Interview with Linda Singer - Views from the Eye of the Storm (01/01/11)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with well known mediator Linda Singer as part of's 'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

Singer, Linda: Dissatisfaction with Litigation - Video (09/07/10)
Linda Singer describes how she became interested in mediation: her observance of the court and litigation system led to her dissatisfaction with how problems were being solved.

Singer, Linda: Mediation "Catching On" - Video (09/04/10)
Linda Singer describes the infiltration of mediation into the legal establishment, the resistance and acceptance of this phenomenon.

Singer, Linda: Lack of Funding - Video (09/04/10)
Linda Singer discusses disappointments in the field: 1) mediation has become institutionalized and therefore, another bureaucratic process; 2) mediation has not been properly funded.

Singer, Linda: Difficulty of Advertising - Video (08/04/10)
Linda Singer shares her thoughts on why mediation is not as popular a service and field as it should be: difficult to advertise, people don't see benefits of negotiation, educational media not prevalent, and it is perceived as dull compared to litigation.

Singer, Linda: Mediation is Satisfying Work - Video (05/07/10)
Linda Singer shares and explains her passion and satisfaction with her mediation work.

Singer, Linda: Interpersonal Mediation Builds Skills - Video (05/04/10)
Linda Singer describes how her interpersonal mediation experience in the past has helped her to mediate in multi-party, complex cases currently. The rapport-development skills she learned in interpersonal mediation carry over to multi-party disputes.

Singer, Linda: Psychology of Mediating - Video (05/04/10)
Linda Singer talks about the psychology of mediation, how it is a process of manipulation, while maintaining neutrality.

Singer, Linda: Mediation Becoming Mechanized - Video (03/04/10)
Linda Singer explains two concerns she has in the field: in certain contexts, she is afraid the process is/will become too mechanized. The other concern is lack of access and lack of mediation education in schools.

Singer, Linda: Patience is Critical - Video (01/04/10)
Linda Singer explains that the most critical element of her mediation approach is having patience. This tends to be difficult for her, because she's always wanting to "jump the gun" and resolve the parties' conflict for them.

Linda Singer: Start in Mediation - Video (08/27/09)
Linda Singer describes her start in mediation, which was prison reform between prisoners and staff. From there she helped develop peer mediation and community mediation.

Linda Singer: Difficulties and Goals in Training Mediators - Video (06/25/09)
Linda Singer discusses the hardships in mediation training - it's expensive and there's no consensus on what type of training is most effective. Singer feels an apprenticeship with a professional is essential in the training process.

Linda Singer: Mediation Can Prevent Violence - Video (05/07/09)
Linda Singer describes one of her concerns as being the lack of education within schools about alternative methods to resolve conflict. Mediation has been proven to have a positive impact on reducing school violence.

Singer, Linda: Interest-based Types of Justice - Video (05/04/09)
Linda Singer talks about two kinds of justice: a rights-based justice, which the courts enforce, and an interest-based justice, which is in the interests of the parties. She practices the latter, but talks about parties being informed to ensure justice.

Singer, Linda: Good Things about JAMS - Video (05/04/09)
Linda Singer describes her involvement in JAMS and the benefits she's seen from the growth of the organization, including the ability to collaborate with other mediators on a regular basis.


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Singer, Linda
Complete hour-long interview of Linda Singer by Robert Benjamin.