Larry Ray

Larry Ray

Larry Ray aspired to be a history professor but under the influence of Muskingum University Dr. Robert Munkres (Political Science/Pre-Law Professor), he attended law school. Not that enamored by the large lecture classes, Ray discovered an experimental program: The Night Prosecutors Mediation Program, funded by the US Department of Justice. Ray had found his niche in the mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution world. He found that lawyers can actually be problem solvers. Thus, began his dispute resolution career. ?

He served as the first director the American Bar Association (ABA) DC based Dispute Resolution initiative.

? He served as the first Executive Director of the National Association for Community Mediation (NAFCM) based in DC.

? Presently, Ray is self-employed delivering mediation, arbitration, negotiation and executive coaching. He is Senior Adjunct Faculty at The George Washington University School of Law (33 years) and named adjunct professor of the year with former SCOTUS Justice Sandra Day O’Connor presenting. ?

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Articles and Video:

Listening is the Key to Problem Solving (09/14/20)
Most people when pressed will admit that they are not listening effectively.

Trust Must Be Earned; Trust is Fragile (08/07/20)
At the heart of any dispute resolution process is Trust.