Larry Fong

Larry Fong

Dr. Larry Fong has been in psychological practice for over 20 years. His international consulting practice spans the areas of business, legal and personal consultation. Dr. Fong has a permanent teachers certificate and has taught at all grade levels. He was Supervisor in both Family Court Services (Provincial Court of Alberta) and Child Welfare.

As a psychologist, his awareness of the complexities of child custody, parenting issues or access problems within the context of a psycho-legal arena, has resulted in his being called on at least 300 occasions to the Court of Queen’s Bench (Alberta, Saskatchewan, B.C.) and The Provincial Court of Alberta (Family & Youth; Criminal Division) as an expert witness in these matters.

The Judiciary has called upon him to provide his professional skills as a mediator and arbitrator. He also teaches mediation and arbitration worldwide.

Dr. Fong has widely consulted with major organizations in the telecommunications, oil and gas, military, police, banking, educational and service industries.

As a leading international mediator and trainer he has consulted in 13 different countries, as well as appearing on international television and radio. Dr. Fong has produced training tapes in the field of mediation and also is the author of the book ‘Mediation’.

Dr. Fong has been appointed President of the following organizations: Alberta Family Mediation Society, Family Mediation Canada, the Psychologists Association of Alberta, the College of Alberta Psychologists and most recently the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR).

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Articles and Video:

Cognitive Approach Includes Reducing High Emotions (08/20/19)
Larry Fong explains his cognitive approach of reducing high conflict or highly emotional clients in a dispute so they can be better decision makers.

Interview with Larry Fong - Views from the Eye of the Storm (06/05/18)
This is the complete interview by Robert Benjamin with Larry Fong, a leading Canadian Family Mediator, filmed as part of's "'Views from the Eye of the Storm' Video Series.

From Larry Fong (10/14/13)
When James Melamed told me about plans for; back in the early '80s ... I said he was nuts. What was I thinking? The vision of Jim and the stellar efforts of make it, by far, the centre of the universe for mediators wanting mediation information

Larry Fong: Styles and Approach Controversy - Video (08/20/10)
Larry Fong discusses the lack of research on the effectiveness of certain styles, but emphasizes that most mediators use a hybrid, eclectic approach that may combine styles.

Larry Fong: Competency and Certification - Video (07/20/10)
Larry Fong expains that a certification process makes it easier to discern incompetence rather than competence. Competence is a higher level of skill that one aspires to.

Larry Fong: Personal Background Influenced Choice of Occupation - Video (02/20/10)
Larry Fong talks about his cultural history as a Chinese Canadian which he believes has affected his decision to mediate professionally.

Larry Fong: US Falls Short, But More Research Needed - Video (10/19/09)
Larry Fong talks about different processes of mediation trainings around the world and questions what types of trainings are the most effective.

Larry Fong: Institutionalization Hinders Creativity - Video (07/02/09)
Larry Fong discusses how the institutionalization of the field has put boundaries around it, thwarting the creativity that was so characteristic of the field's start.

Larry Fong: Mediation Movement Gains Momentum - Video (05/07/09)
Larry Fong describes how the mediation movement has gained recognition, acceptance, and utility around the world and within institutions like family, schools, and businesses.

Larry Fong: Mediation Not a Profession - Video (04/20/09)
Larry Fong shares his view of mediation not being a profession, but instead mediators are professionals that are given the capacity to practice by institutional bodies.

From Larry Fong (09/06/07)
In the mid 1980's I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Melamed, who would later become Executive Director of AFM. He had thought then of the internet world and commenced with starting ''. I thought the idea intriguing, but had little idea that this site would become the most successful, and one of the most influential websites in the world. I read many of the articles on, I give out the website to all my students in mediation world wide, and know that the readership values the website. 200 bi-weekly newsletters? It is only the tip of the iceberg. Better things are coming no doubt. Congratulations to!

ACR’s Response to Robert Benjamin’s article titled: Dirty Little Secrets: ACR’s ‘Girly Man’ Non-Controversy (08/31/05)
Robert’s article raises questions and concerns about ACR and its decision making process. ACR board and staff leadership agree with Robert’s goal of engaging a broad ring of members in the decisions that affect the future of the organization.


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