Larry Bridgesmith

Larry Bridgesmith

Dr. Larry Bridgesmith serves as Senior Fellow, founding Executive Director and Associate Professor at the Institute for Conflict Resolution at Lipscomb University and as President of Creative Collaborations, LLC. He is of counsel to Miller & Martin, PLLC, a law firm with offices in Atlanta, Nashville and Chattanooga. In these roles, he brings over 30 years of experience in dispute resolution and innovative workplace strategies to clients, students and business entities alike. Dr. Bridgesmith integrates the practical, legal and academic "best practices" in dispute resolution strategies in service to his client relationships. He is listed annually in notable attorney rating publications such as LawDragon, SuperLawyers, Chambers USA, Americas Leading Lawyers for Business and Woodward White Inc.’s, America’s Leading Lawyers. Currently serving as president of the Tennessee Association of Mediators, he is also an invited member of the Tennessee Academy of Mediators and the International Academy of Mediators.

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Articles and Video:

Radical Collaboration (01/21/21)
Collaboration is an emerging platform for economic success in law.

Collaboration is the Future (01/04/21)
Lawyers love conflict. They thrive on it. If anyone can coexist with conflict, it’s a lawyer.

Adjacent Possibilities: The Mediator’s Path to Law Firm Transformation (01/18/11)
Mediators with close professional ties to the legal profession can effectively market their services to law firms caught in the spiral of massive change. What a great time to be a lawyer/mediator or to serve as mediator to lawyers and their law firms.

Major League Mediators: Idea Entrepreneurs (12/20/10)
The skills of mediators, if well developed, are precisely what idea entrepreneurs provide. A great mediator is a master in promoting self-determination which allows people stuck in their unhelpful thinking to take out, examine and improve their way of thinking about a problem, then change it for the better.

S.W.A.T Mediators: Just Enough Force (10/19/10)
Great mediators, like S.W.A.T. teams, are trained and learn to use "just enough force" to get the job done. Can you learn to use "just enough force?"

The World Clamors for a New Kind of Problem Solver: Mediators are you listening? (09/21/10)
Recently I have run across a variety of articles, books and conversations that convince me that mediators can be in the drivers' seat for significant cultural change if they care to be.