Ken Bryant

Ken Bryant One of California's most experienced ADR neutrals, Ken Bryant mediates and arbitrates large, complex civil matters involving business, employment, professional negligence, construction and real estate issues. He has served for more than a decade on state and federal court ADR panels, often being called for the "difficult" cases needing adept, skillful handling.

A full-time member of the American Arbitration Association Large Complex Case Panel, Mr. Bryant was selected as a member of the first mediation panel of the Federal District Court, Northern District of California, for whom he also serves as an Early Neutral Evaluator.

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From Ken Bryant (08/30/07)
Congratulations on reaching such an auspicious milestone with your newsletter. I invariably interrupt whatever I'm doing at my desk when the newsletter email pings its arrival. And, I've never opened the newsletter without finding interesting articles that expand my understanding of how what I do happens (yes, an old dog can learn new tricks). also has given me a great resource for my law school and college negotiation and mediation classes. I offer my students an opportunity to visit the site, browse the Articles menu, and write a critical analysis of a selected work--not a summary, but a critique of the author's arguments. When these papers are presented in class free-wheeling debates ensue. Please give my thanks to John, John and Keith for their dedication and perseverance. I look forward to Issue 200, and beyond.