Kem Lowry

Kem Lowry

Kem Lowry, Ph.D., is a professor at the University of Hawaii, where he previously served as chair of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and director of the Program on Conflict Resolution.

Kem is an experienced mediator and board member with the Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution. He has served as a consultant to state agencies and nonprofit organizations in Hawaii, as well as to the United Nations Development Program, UNICEF-China, the Agency for International Development, the Office of Technology Assessment, the Packard Foundation, the Asia Foundation, and the Partnership for the Management of the Seas of Asia.

Kem’s work on planning and environmental management, conflict resolution, and program evaluation has appeared in: American Planning Association JournalUrban Law AnnualPublius, Environmental Impact Assessment ReviewPolicy Studies ReviewOcean YearbookJournal of Ocean and Coastal ManagementJournal of Planning TheoryJournal of Planning Education, and Research and Coastal Management Journal.

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Cutback Planning: Consultation in a Time of Retrenchment (04/21/20)
Unexpected belt-tightening is unpleasant. It unravels expectations and invokes fear. The more severe the shock, the more severe the manifestations can be. If you are a leader, you are also suddenly thrust into “crisis management” mode, which raises questions. What is your strategy?