Kathleen Kauth

Kathleen Kauth

Kathleen Kauth is President/Owner of K.T. Beck Enterprises, LLC a Mediation and Business Consulting firm which focuses on using Mediation techniques to help individuals, families and businesses resolve conflicts. With areas of interest in Eldercare and Business Mediation, we are able to provide a wide variety of personalized services.


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Website: ktbeckenterprisesllc.com

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Articles and Video:

It's Time to Talk.... (04/17/20)
Talking about end of life wishes is never fun, and seldom easy.

Pulling Together (04/10/20)
The perfect time for there to be conflicting ideas within an organization or team is when information is being processed and decisions are being made about the direction of the company or project.

Conflict in Confined Spaces (04/03/20)
Stay at home orders have been issued, work and schools have closed down, everyone is home together. So now what?

Handling Conflict in Chaos (03/27/20)
Right now, we are adjusting to an entirely new set of parameters for our lives.

Workplace Aggression (03/06/20)
Have you ever worked with someone who came across as angry all the time?

How Do You Handle a Pathological Liar at Work? (02/16/20)
Have you ever worked with someone who talked about experiences that seemed far-fetched, but you couldn't pin down what was off?

What About Your Furry Friends? (02/07/20)
So what happens when an older adult experiences a health crisis that takes them away for a time, or becomes unable to live independently?

When No One Wants to Talk... (01/31/20)
How do you handle talking with other family members about serious issues when they don't think anything is wrong?

Cost of Workplace Conflict (01/17/20)
Conflict in the workplace is extremely costly.

Gossip Feeds Conflict (12/27/19)
Gossip in the office can be very damaging, causing hidden (and sometimes not so hidden) conflicts.

Conflicts in the 'Family' Work Environment (12/12/19)
What do you do when work treats you “like family”?

People are Like Icebergs (11/04/19)
The iceberg principle states that while you may see the tip of an iceberg (usually about 1/10th of it), the vast majority of it (9/10ths) is deep beneath the water, hidden from view.

Eldercare Mediation: Setting Families up for Success (08/30/19)
Working with families to help an older adult identify how they want to spend their final years and communicate it to all involved parties.