Kari Boyle

Kari Boyle

Until recently Kari D. Boyle was the Director of Strategic Initiatives and previously the Executive Director at Mediate BC. Kari enjoys using her legal, mediation and management experience to encourage collaboration to improve BC citizens’ access to viable and affordable conflict resolution options. Previously, she practiced corporate commercial litigation in Vancouver for 14 years, worked in-house for 6 years specializing in legal services management, led mediation research projects at UBC, and has participated in many justice reform initiatives. She is a member of the BC Access to Justice Committee, Coordinator of the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab, a Board member of the Courthouse Library Society of BC, a knowledge engineer with the Civil Resolution Tribunal and Project Manager of Mediate BC’s “Family Unbundled Legal Services project”.

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Website: www.bcfamilyinnovationlab.ca/people/

Articles and Video:

BC Justice: Through the Eye of a Fish (02/07/19)
This article discusses a family law approach called “systemic human-centered design”.

Why Everyone Should Take Mediation Training (01/07/19)
Over the years I have been asked many times, by lawyers, Canadian law students and others, whether they should take mediation training. Most were interested in mediation, many participated as counsel at mediation but few planned to be full-time mediators.

Team Diversity, Conflict and the Need for Robust Discussion – Part 1 (09/02/18)
Today, the environment in which we work is complex and constantly changing, team members come and go and there is constant rethinking about goals, approaches and adaptation.