Karen Pelot

Karen Pelot

Karen Pelot has been a full time mediator since 2007.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and a Master of Arts in Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Prior to becoming a mediator, Karen enjoyed a career as a senior leader for three separate Fortune 100 companies in the financial services industry.  Karen is certified by the Supreme Court of Florida in circuit civil, family, and county court mediations.  Every day mediating is a great day, and she particularly enjoys conflict resolution within the workplace.


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Website: www.karenpelotmediations.com

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Articles and Video:

Never Underestimate the Power of Your Perception (04/14/14)
This article discusses and illustrates the power of individual perception, and its direct correlation to stress and anger or peace and happiness.

Wait, Could We Both Be Right? (12/02/13)
This article demonstrates how positioned determined based on individual unique perspectives, while technically correct, may be completely wrong. It goes onto illustrate how mediators deal with situations wherein each “side” seems to be dealing with completely different circumstances.

Why Are You So Difficult? Tips for Finding the Opportunities Within Conflict (11/22/13)
The truth is, conflict is COMPLETELY normal and, if dealt with effectively, actually makes organizations and interpersonal relationships stronger. Unfortunately, it seems more often than not, the “effectively” adverb is left out.

Love, Lies, and Mudslinging: Welcome to Mediation! (07/16/12)
Mediation can take many twists and turns. This article discusses the mediation path and how to avoid pitfalls and obstacles.

Truth or Dare (03/07/11)
This article deals with challenges and fears mediation participants face during the mediation process. It suggests options for overcoming those fears, and working towards achieving a satisfactory mediation result - through daring to be open and truthful with the mediator.