Julian Granka Ferguson

Julian Granka Ferguson

Julian G. Ferguson, MA, MSc, Q.Med. is designated with his Q.Med from the ADR Institute of Ontario and Canada. He is an affiliate with A Place for Mediation, one of Toronto's original mediation firms, and serves on ADRIC’s Ethics and Professional Practice Committee.

Julian focuses on mediating in the areas of health care and emerging technologies. His career began in bioethics and he mediates throughout the health care spectrum on conflicts related to informed consent, patient rights, and many others. He is also drawn to innovation and resolves conflicts that stem from emerging technologies, like privacy breaches, and the entrepreneurial spirit that comes with them, like partnership and workplace disputes.

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Website: j-ferg.com

Articles and Video:

ODR Ethics Case Study 1: Confidentiality v Self-Determination (11/05/21)
At the moment, practitioners have relied on traditional ADR standards and guidance to consider the ethical concerns involved with using ODR, even though they are less than ideal when applied to technology.

Business Interruption Insurance Claims and COVID-19 (07/08/21)
In a democracy, there exists a presumption of freedom to operate within the context of the law.

Adversarial Ethics and the Responsibilities of Mediation Associations (02/26/21)
Adversarial ethics, or the ethics of competition, are an unfortunately overlooked field of moral philosophy.

Navigating Cybersecurity in ADR (12/18/20)
Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems like hardware, software and data from cyber-threats and unauthorized access that can be designed to access, delete, or extort a user’s sensitive and personal data.