John Peterson

John Peterson

John Peterson is a journalist with 4 years of experience working for the London magazine “Shop&Buy”. He was a straight-A student and recently earned his master’s degree in psychology. When he is not writing interesting articles on the internet, he provides his talent to an essay writing service. John loves helping students with their assignments because he knows that good grades will give them a brighter future.

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Articles and Video:

How Much Money Does Mediation Save Companies? (10/18/21)
By turning their faces from the legal system, many companies have saved fortunes in the money and time that legal proceedings require.

How to Resolve a Dispute with Someone Who Doesn't Know Your Language (09/07/21)
As the international business environment is quickly expanding, companies are merging and are therefore helping create a global workplace setting.

How to Avoid a Rough Argument (07/19/21)
When you’re arguing, the worst thing that you can do is expect one person to come out of the argument victorious.