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John Gromala John A. Gromala, J.D., has more than 30 years of experience in transactional law and estate planning. He practices exclusively as a mediator in all aspects of trusts, wills, and conservatorship disputes ( He has given seminars for attorneys, business people, and mediators in the United States and Europe. His roles while practicing law included Fellow, American College of Trust and Estate Counsel; Member, Executive Committee—Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law Section, California State Bar; and President, Humboldt County Bar Association. He is the West Coast Director of Business Mediation Associates.

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Business Mediation Helps Firms Make Leadership Changes (03/31/03)
There is no more auspicious time in the life of an engineering firm than when partnerships are forming or are in transition. These periods of flux are far more important than most people realize. Details are negotiated. Expectations get set. New relationships are established, and existing relationships are tested. Hierarchies shift. The firm's very foundation is built, rebuilt, and tested during these times.

Mediation in Estate Planning: A Strategy for Everyone’s Benefit (11/04/02)
How much better would this world be if we all believed that most disputes could be avoided? Mediation is offered as a tool to reach agreement, but the hard work of mediating a dispute requires a knowledgeable, experienced professional. These authors offer observations and strategies based on their expertise and successes in the field.

Using Mediation To Resolve Partnership Disputes (03/19/01)
This article addresses how mediation can be used to prevent disputes among owners of small businesses, professional groups and among members of management teams.

Trustee - Beneficiary Mediation (01/10/01)
Mediators can provide a critical service to both trustees and beneficiaries. Being independent, with no stake in the outcome, they can meet with the parties together and separately to help them focus on a search for a solution that meets the needs of all.

Pre-Mediation Questionnaire: Dispute Clarification Tool (11/01/99)
Many disputes have a prior history of an amicable relationship. This is especially true in business disputes. Thinking back on "better days" can create the atmosphere for productive dialogue. Use this tool to help prepare for mediation.

Mediation During Business Formation or Reorganization (08/01/99)
What partners often leave unsaid: By creating a written charter, partners clarify what they expect of each other and how to operate together. Before they run into trouble.

The Use of Mediation in Estate Planning: A Preemptive Strike Against Potential Litigation (05/15/99)
Use of an independent mediator during the planning process can help estate planners improve client satisfaction, reduce the probability of family litigation and avoid malpractice claims.