Jody Sin

Jody Sin

Ms. Jody Sin is a solicitor, the chairperson of Hong Kong Mediation Council (a division of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre), and an accredited mediator of Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre.  She is also an adjunct lecturer with the University of Hong Kong School of Professional and Continuing Education (HKU SPACE), teaching accredited mediator courses in Hong Kong, workplace mediation and other courses in relation to the application of mediation.  Jody has been actively promoting the use of mediation in Hong Kong.  She is a member of the Public Education and Publicity sub-group under the Mediation Steering Committee of the Secretary for Justice.  She is also a member of Mediators Admission Committee and Mediation Committee of the Law Society of Hong Kong.  

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Articles and Video:

Enlisting the Involvement of Organizational Ombuds to Resolve Workplace Conflicts at Public Schools in Hong Kong (05/08/19)
This article advocates the establishment of organizational ombuds by the Education and Development Bureau in Hong Kong to complement its current system to resolve workplace conflicts at public schools.

Occupy Central: Resolving the Current Impasse (10/13/14)
Occupy Central (“OC”) has been promoted as a peaceful civil disobedience movement in Hong Kong where the leaders of OC mobilize masses of protestors to blockade Central District to fight for what they consider as genuine universal suffrage. These skirmishes are becoming increasingly violent, and it is time to find a non-violent end to this conflict.

Without Mediation, Everyone Sinks in Dock-Workers Strike (10/15/13)
Before any discussion begins, the parties should be requested to sign an Agreement to Mediate which prescribes the confidential obligations of the parties and nails them to a commitment to remain in the process – no matter how hard the problem is to resolve.