Joanna Kalowski

Joanna Kalowski

Joanna Kalowski is a mediator, facilitator and judicial educator. For over thirty years, Joanna has led mediation workshops in Australia, Europe and Asia, and in 2014, co-chaired the International Mediation Institute's committee which designed the criteria for IMI intercultural mediator accreditation. In her native Australia, Jo has been a member of the Federal Administrative Appeals Tribunal and of the National Native Title Tribunal, mediating claims by Indigenous Australians to their traditional lands and waters. In 2017, 2018 and 2019, Joanna was listed among the Who's Who Legal list of eminent Australian mediators.

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Articles and Video:

3rd Key-Education: Train Mediators to be Culture-wise, not Culture-blind (07/25/20)
Perplexed by the slow uptake of mediation in many places, is it time to wonder whether the mediation field has taken sufficient account of the centrality of culture?

The Seven Keys Conclusion: Many Paths, One Way (07/04/20)
The likelihood of conflict and conflicting ideologies makes effective resolution of disputes and the negotiation of sustainable deals crucially important.