Jill Tanz

Jill Tanz

Jill S. Tanz is a graduate of the University of Chicago Law School (JD in 1977) with years of experience as a mediator, law professor and trainer. She has lectured extensively on mediation and neuroscience and incorporates best practices developed from this expertise into her mediation practice. She has mediated more than 500 cases in real estate, condominium, partnership, probate, family, and contract disputes. She writes a blog,Mediation Myth Busters, about mediation and neuroscience.

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Using Neuroscience to Understand Stress and Improve Mediation (02/22/19)
This article explores how neuroscience can help mediators understand the physiologic stress response, its impact on individuals involved in conflict, and how to structure mediation to minimize the negative impact of the stress response.